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Name Maximilian/Max b Leopold Herzberger
Birth 17.3.1899, Germany, ?
Death 4.1982, USA, New Orleans
Occupation Professor Mathematica & Optica, Eastman/Kodak inventor
Father Leopold b Jacob Herzberger (1870-?)
Mother NN (spouse 1 of Leopold Herzberger) (~1870-)
1 Edith b NN Kaufmann
Birth 10.10.1901, Germany, Stuttgart
Death 16.2.2001, USA, New Orleans
Marriage 1925, Germany, ?
Children Ruth b Max (1928-)
  Ursula b Max (1931-)
  Hans b Max (1932-)
Notes for Maximilian/Max b Leopold Herzberger
[NB: his Ph D Thesis was titled “Ueber Systeme hyperkomplexer Grössen” (Beteiligte Personen (Gutachter): Bieberbach; Schur. Datum der Verteidigung: 07.03.1923. Universität: Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität zu Berlin, Philosophische Fakultät) -- “Dr. Max Herzberger, of the Eastman Kodak Company's research Laboratories in Rochester, NY, received the Frederic Ives Medal for 1962 from Dr. David L. MacAdam, of the Eastman Kodak Company, at right, President of the Optical Society of America. The medal, one of the highest awarded by the Optical Society, was conferred for Dr. Herzberger's 'outstanding contributions to optics and image formation.' -- The name ’Superachromat’ was created by Max Herzberger in the early 1960s, christening his dream of a lens with perfect color correction even beyond the level of apochromats. -- His findings in. ophtalmologic optics led to several designs and constructions by the Zeiss Co. in Jena.” --
Correspondence with Albert Einstein: Beginning 17.0.1934 until 2.2.1935 6 letters (to and fro) from Roterdam (H) to Princeton (E) -- Further 24.10.1935 1 letter from Princeton (E) to Philadelphia (H) -- then again 1.11.1937 until 1.11.1939 11 letters (to and fro) from Rochester (H) to Princeton (E) -- and further 9.6.1945 untill 31.12.1950 abt 20 letters (to and fro) between Rochester and Princeton.]
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