Samuel Levi Segal - his Ancestors and Descendants
by Juan Goudsmit

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The Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel Levi Segal Goldschmidt - born abt 1710 in Frankfurt am Main - Forefather of the families Goudsmit, Bloemhof, Groenewoudt

Samuel Levi must have been still a boy when his family was forced to leave Frankfurt. They had lost everything as a result of the great fire of 1711 by which all the houses of the “Judengasse” were destroyed. They wandered through the Region north of Frankfurt, to Rödelheim, Hanau or Lemgo.
Some of them ended up in Reiskirchen in the Busecker Tal, an independant "Ritterschaft" nicknamed “Hessisch Palästina”. From here, in the second half of the 18th century, most of Samuel’s children would migrate to the Netherlands; probably via Wesel, Kleve and Bergh,
In Frankfurt the extensive Goldschmidt Levite family had during the 17th and 16th century ramified into many branches. Some had moved on to towns all over Europe. Others were staying in the overcrowded family houses, like the “Goldener Schwan”, the “Korb und Wanne” and “Kamel”, where since 1525, their forefathers had been living.
They originated from Nürnberg, where in 1499 all its jewish inhabitants were expelled. Moshe Goldschmidt-Schaffhausen and his wife Bela had prospered in Nürnberg during the last decades of the the 15th century, as he and his sons exceptionally were allowed to practise the craft of goldsmith. His parents and grandparents had been metalworkers as well as bankers by tradition. Maybe they had fled the pogroms of Toledo in the 14th century and wandered through France and Italy over the Alps, to Schaffhausen.

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